Friday, October 31, 2008

Don Kopp hides his social conservatism from the RCJ

The Rapid City Journal published their District 35 race roundup today.

Problem is, Don Kopp talked mostly about energy. He didn't share his social agenda. Remember here are some of the things he sent in letters to the editor. I don't believe he would leave these beliefs at home-- the result would be yet another Legislator in Pierre that is distracted by a wingnut social-engineering agenda.

A reminder of what Kopp believes (but didn't share). I hear he's a nice man, but please don't send him to Pierre....

His own words again...

America's moral underpinnings originally comes from the Bible which I believe to be written at the direction of God. I told you that the acceptance of the homosexual lifestyle, I believe is the first step in a degradation of moral principal [sic] that will only lead to a further decline in moral restraint. [sic]

Creation science can be taught without any references toward God or a religious system.

Yes, there are 300 religions in the world but only one records the creation of time, light and mass. ... fortunately for you and me, of the 300 religions in the world, only one gives us salvation.

Only those receiving grants from the government concerning atmospheric science helps them to believe in the global warming myth.

And do you really want a disbeliever in human-induced global warming (a scientific question back in 1995 but undisputed by serious climate researchers today) making energy decisions? How engineering and science-based will his decisions be when he considers the Bible the ultimate authority on even purely scientific issues?

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