Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Words of Wisdom from Don Kopp

Since District 35 House candidate Don Kopp is apparently been going around selling his homophobic wingnut point of view door to door, I think it's important that we get this candidate's message out.

My fellow prisoners, I present to you... Republican House-35 candidate Don Kopp of Rapid City, South Dakota...

in his own words...

... thank you very much for your interest in the betterment of our society, from moral obsoletes [sic] to fiscal responsibility. I do not believe that any society, regardless of how great it has become can last very long without a solid moral foundation. And, as you probably know from history, America's moral underpinnings originally comes from the Bible which I believe to be written at the direction of God. I told you that the acceptance of the homosexual lifestyle, I believe is the first step in a degradation of moral principal [sic] that will only lead to a further decline in moral restraint. [sic]

If America does in fact buy into the idea that homosexuality is perfectly normal; just a "different lifestyle," then the next step will be the acceptance of adult sexual relations with consenting children.

Also, from a scientific and biblical basis, a child is a human being from the moment of conception. Since we do not have the right kill children that are already born, it makes no sense to believe that we have the right to kill them prior to being born.

Singularly xxxx, I believe the biggest crises [sic] this nation faces is that of moral deterioration; so I respectfully ask you: Where do you believe we should draw the line of moral standards and who should set those standards?

Who, indeed? Well, I hope not Kopp!!!!

Just so you don't think these words are not his, I have included for your reading pleasure excerpts from a sample of Kopp's frequent letters to the Rapid City Journal....


The article appearing in the Journal by Chris Orr was an excellent one. Apparently Chris isn’t receiving “research” dollars from the government. Only those receiving grants from the government concerning atmospheric science helps them to believe in the global warming myth. As Chris so aptly pointed out, 1998, as reported by NASA wasn’t the warmest year on record, 1934 was, and the decade of the 1930s were the hottest on record.


... There were more than 16,000 American scientists who signed a petition against the Kyoto Accord because there is no scientif1c evidence to support man-caused warming. But the butterfly scientists of the U.N. and the billions they get to promote this scam don’t care about the science.

BTW Here's an report on someone who looked into it:
In less than 10 minutes of casual scanning, I found duplicate names (Did two Joe R. Eaglemans and two David Tompkins sign the petition, or were some individuals counted twice?), single names without even an initial (Biolchini), corporate names (Graybeal & Sayre, Inc. How does a business sign a petition?), and an apparently phony single name (Redwine, Ph.D.).


Today there are literally hundreds of scientists in America holding a Ph.D in some scientific discipline or other that are creationists. Just about all of them were schooled in the same institutions of higher learning as were their evolutionary cohorts. In fact, most creation scientists were at one time evolutionists and they know both sides of the origins argument....

Creation science can be taught without any references toward God or a religious system. In fact, many creationists have been accused by some churches of trying to replace God with science.

Which churches? Where? I've heard this meme before, but I've never seen a reference to this weird accusation!

It's one thing to be exceptionalist but the ignorance and disrespect for the other religions of the world shown by this letter boggles the mind:


There are 300 religions in the world, but only one has a risen Savior, and it was He who divided the centuries that you acknowledge every time you write the date. Three hundred religions in the world and only one prophesied the coming of its Savior hundreds of years prior to His arrival, and after His arrival, He was the only one who dared claim an eternity for His words without ever writing them down!

Yes, there are 300 religions in the world but only one records the creation of time, light and mass. And Mr. Heald, fortunately for you and me, of the 300 religions in the world, only one gives us salvation.

(Too bad about all those other poor saps that weren't lucky enough to be born in a Christian Nation into a family on the "right team" and will have to burn in hell for eternity as a result.)

This guy wants to represent all of District 35. Please no!!!

Thank goodness we have an alternative... Vote for Fern Y. Johnson and Curtis Marqhardt for 35 House!!

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