Friday, October 31, 2008

Eric Abrahamson is smeared and replies with the truth

Eric Abrahamson got slimed by the State GOP in a mailing that appeared in Rapid City mailboxes today. This postcard is so yucky it makes me feel a little dirty even sharing it with you. It's all about planting seeds of fear about what Abrahamson stands for: a desperate attempt, very late in election cycle, to discredit Eric's years of dedicated community service.

UPDATE: Abrahamson has posted a response online: (Pity The Poor Jack-O-Lantern, Nov 1)

(By the way, this would be a very difficult tactic to use against Dreyer and Gosch, by the way, because ... they simply haven't done that much for Rapid City and the State, compared to Eric.)

Eric was running a positive campaign, but if this is how they are going to play it, the Dems are obligated to tell the full truth about Dreyer and Gosch. I don't have a problem with negative campaigning unless you need to do it to get the truth across.

The Pennington County Dems are replying with the facts about "the Brians:"

Here's the text on the mailer:

The TRUTH is Brian Gosch and Brian Dreyer have done little to serve the residents of District 32 and done less during their terms in the State Legislature.

Do-Nothing Service
Dreyer and Gosch offered only three pieces of legislation between them during a combined three years of service. Dreyer failed to attend any of the legislative summer study sessions he was assigned to in 2008.

Raising Taxes
Gosch cast the key vote to force property taxpayers to pay a $2.9 million tab for No Child Left Behind testing.

Lack of Support for Education
Both failed to support a Republican-sponsored Senate bill that would have increased education funding by 4.25 percent.

Looking Out for Special Interests
Dreyer sponsored only two bills in 2008 and both were special interest bills for the liquor industry.

Although Dreyer and Gosch claim a record of public service, a simple Google search reveals that they have almost no track record of community leadership. If you have questions on Eric Abrahamson’s commitment to our community, call the Pennington County Democratic Party at:
605.721.1636 or visit

Paid for and authorized by the Pennington County Democratic Party.


  1. Interesting. I didn't see much disputing what the GOP mailer said about Saint Eric. Is any of it inaccurate?

    That's the crybaby libs. When somebody points out the truth, it's a smear.

  2. Isn't stating that Eric has somehow been "smeared" contesting the basic truth of the statements?

    Which were incorrect or falsehoods?