Friday, October 31, 2008

Political attack on quiet South Dakota minority makes the front page

Finch invited this by having the audacity to accept a contribution from Equality South Dakota PAC, which supports candidates that want to be fair to everyone in South Dakota.


This ugly postcard was sent to (as of last report) three candidates (two Dems, one Repub) by 26-year-old homophobe David Astin from Hermosa (according to political contribution reports, he is the majority of the funding for his so-called "Family Matters PAC"... maybe a more truthful name should be: "I think your family shouldn't Matter PAC"?

From the Journal story:

The leader of a small, anti-gay political action committee that sent out a pink postcard to voters in District 33 charging that Democratic candidate Dennis Finch supports a “radical homosexual agenda” hopes to use similar campaign tactics against candidates in the future.

“In this election, our funds did not allow us to do but this one,” 26-year old David Astin of Hermosa said. “Hopefully, as we continue to grow, we’ll be able to do much more.”

Given from the public reaction, this actually seems to be helping Finch. His opponent refuses to comment on his views (probably a good move for Schmidt).

But wait-- although Finch is a hunter and a card-carrying NRA member, and on the board of the Black Hills Sportsmen, the certifiable gun nuts are also after him. Let's hope the responsible gun owners don't get distracted by this smear.

These attacks are too late for Finch to respond to, so tell your friends in 33 that the smears are unfair and not even truthful. Finch will be a GREAT Senator for West River.

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  1. I posted on this as well on my blog, and linked to this post also. Thanks for your good work.