Sunday, May 15, 2011

Some letters worth reading

From the Rapid City Journal letters, (Go there for the complete letters.)

I couldn't agree with Vaud and Barry more.

Dexter greater threat than homosexuals
How very, very sad that a Christian political commentator, Penna Dexter, comes all the way to Rapid City — not only to encourage prayer for our country — but to state her opinion that “the greatest threat to America today … is the advancing homosexual agenda.” ...
Yes, our government needs lots of prayer to make good decisions about the many problems we face today. Likewise homosexuals also need lots of prayer to bear up against the assault of people like Dexter who would deny them the same rights that we give to heterosexuals.
Rapid City

Candidates should have walked out
A prayer breakfast is held in Rapid City with the main speaker saying the homosexual agenda is the greatest threat to the United States.
Neither main candidate for mayor of Rapid City had the guts to walk out of the gathering after hearing those words, after a week where the real enemies of the United States were destroyed by either our forces or missiles from drones.
Giving cover to the bullies and the haters is what mayoral candidates Alan Hanks and Sam Kooiker achieved when they couldn’t decide what was right. Attacking gays and lesbians isn’t going to play very well in future elections....
The tide has turned. Stand against hate.
Rapid City


  1. I'm amazed at how awful the "prayer" gathering seems to have been. Mr. Wick is right: the candidates ought to make a strong statement against such hate.


    Something you should read about Penna Dexter....she blames the victim