Monday, May 16, 2011

Mayor race in Rapid City heats up...

... and I have no idea who to vote for.

The Rapid City Journal has posted video statements from all the candidates on their website so at least that's somewhere to start.

I'm quite torn myself, as Alan Hanks is going around taking partisan slams at city council candidates that don't fit his particularly right-wing political persuasion, and, let's face it, a vote for Sam Kooiker is a vote to annoy Hanks and the "city fathers" behind the scenes.

The other two candidates aren't very well known to me, although Ron Weifenbach is a very interesting candidate as he's been around for a while and knows what I'm talking about.

The status quo is not good though, from a Civic Center that is more interested in attracting big names and a sports team instead of serving our cultural life right here in Rapid City, to an awful record of secret government at the city level, this election hopefully can get us a mayor and city council members that are a little more on deck for our citizens instead of our bigwigs.

Rapid City friends: the election is coming up and it's important! Download a sample ballot and make your choices!

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