Friday, April 15, 2011

Ritchie Nordstrom for Rapid City Council!

I sent this in to the Rapid City Journal... but dear reader, you get to read it here first!

Every now and then, a candidate for local office appears that especially gives me encouragement for the future. An example is Ritchie Nordstrom, running for City Council in Ward 2. I’ve known Ritchie for seven years, and in that time I have admired both his commitment and his ability to inspire communities to work together. Of course, Ritchie’s strong credibility as an advocate for the regular taxpayer is needed on City Council. But even more, I believe his positive, constructive approach is critical to help the City Council move beyond its recent divisions and lead Rapid City forward. I urge the voters of Ward 2 to get to the polls and vote for Ritchie Nordstrom for City Council on June 2.


  1. sims22:01

    At a Penn Co GOP Women's luncheon, Alan Hanks endorsed Deb Hadcock as the "conservative choice" for Ward 2, & attacked Ritchie Nordstrom as "one of the most liberal Democrats in town".

  2. And I thought this was a nonpartisan election.

    Silly me.