Monday, February 21, 2011

Rep Noem, please support public broadcasting

The House voted to zero-out CPB on Friday. Contact our Senators, but still please contact Rep Noem and let her know if you don't agree in taking away essential services like this from rural America because Wall Street bankers took our money.

Dear Rep. Noem,

Please withdraw your sponsorship of bills to zero-out public broadcasting

Private broadcasting has its role, but honestly in our state, as media ownership has continued to consolidate to the coasts, local media (with a few notable exceptions) often does not serve local needs.

Think about how useful State House and the services provided by our public broadcasting through the SD Legislative Research Council allowed you to be a more effective legislator during your time in Pierre.

Similarly, reflect on how valuable CPB-supported programming was to you and your family out on the ranch. I'm thinking of children's programming for your kids, and political coverage that is only available through public broadcasting that truly serves the public interest.

I'm sure you differ with some political and business views expressed on public broadcasting, but honestly I do too. That's the beauty of it - in public broadcasting everyone gets heard - without having to change channels every few minutes. On cable and commercial broadcasting this is not necessarily so!

Do we really want to put public broadcasting at risk by deleting the relatively small Corporation for Public Broadcasting seed money? I think that would be a vote that would be bad for our State.

I realize we are in a fiscally difficult situation in our country, but could we first go after getting our money back from Wall Street criminals who have stolen BILLIONS of dollars from homeowners, before we start cutting necessities critical to our rural state from the federal budget?


Curtis Price
Rapid City


  1. Dear Mr. Price,

    Thank you for reaching out to my office. I want you to know that I value your input. It is an honor to represent the people of South Dakota, and I want to be responsive to your thoughts and concerns.

    Please consider this e-mail an acknowledgement that I have received your comments. My staff or I will respond with more detail in a timely manner.


    Kristi Noem
    Member of Congress

  2. Anonymous12:32

    Defund it! We no longer have the luxury of tossing money at things that should exist on their own dime. Yes, I like Statehouse. Yes, my kids like Sesame Street. But that doesn't translate to my taxes paying for this. Let it compete in the private market.

  3. Anonymous17:40

    Public Broadcasting is incredibly important to a rural state like ours. It gives us great bang for the buck with our tax dollars and supplements education at all levels. It's unbelievable that congress or our legislature would cut that money at the same time as they are cutting direct education funding.
    Public broadcasting provides noncommercial, educational programs to every home in the state, whether or not those homes can afford cable. To lose that service would be absolutely devastating.

  4. That's just offensive to me, Mr. Afraid-Of-Standing-Behind-My-Words. (Coward.)

    Letting Citigroup hiding $50 Billion (with a B) get off with a $180,000 fine... that's "tossing money.

    South Dakota Republicans giving $40 million dollars in tax breaks for the XL pipeline with no cleanup fund for the inevitable leaks... which you and I will pay for instead... that's "tossing money."

  5. Thank you for posting this West River, Mr. Price.

  6. Public Broadcasting exists because services like this can't compete in the free market, especially not in sparse rural markets like South Dakota that can hardly support commercial TV and independent newspapers. The free market is not the ultimate arbiter of social value.

  7. The free market is not the ultimate arbiter of social value.

    An interesting thing about public broadcasting though, is the listeners actually have a lot more choice than so-called "free-market" broadcasting. With no audience, the program comes off the air because public broadcasting depends more on its listeners than its benefactors!

  8. I am a fiscal conservative and want every taxpayer dime spent wisely. I say keep public broadcasting, because who else would televise the Inauguration Ball that was held in Pierre? MSNBC? Only in you are a Kennedy or Obama! FOX? Only if you are a Bush!

    Btw CP, our policy is no banker left behind. Didn't you get the memo?