Sunday, February 27, 2011

My note to state reps

(To Rep. Brian Gosch, Rep Kristen Conzet, Rep. Phil Jensen, Rep. Donald Kopp, Rep. Jackie Sly, Rep. David Lust -- who ALL co-sponsored or voted for this bill, which attempts yet another runaround of the wishes of the people of South Dakota who want this nonsense in Pierre to stop. They should be ashamed -- both the RC Journal and both the Sioux Falls Argus Leader agree with me.)

I understand HB1217 is coming up for consideration tomorrow morning in the Senate HHS committee, and certainly could pass, sending it to the full Senate and approval.

I write to voice extreme disappointment in your support of this bill in committee and on the floor, which allows the Government to interfere in private medical decisions between a doctor and patient. South Dakotans have voted twice and both times resoundingly sent a message that the government has no business in personal health care decisions.

Curtis Price
Rapid City

If you can, please contact the members of the Senate HHS committee TONIGHT and urge them to stop this legislation in committee tomorrow.

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  1. Anonymous22:55

    Maybe if they have to campaign the next time on being for legislating someone coming between you and your doctor they might change their mind.

    Or maybe they would rather campaign on your health care requires a committee to decide whether or not you can have a procedure...if you are a woman.

    Not enough yet. Let's try this. Campaign on immediate, fully covered and no questions asked reproductive health care for men, not so much for women.