Thursday, February 17, 2011

An email to Rep Jensen about HB 1171


Please drop this bill. I realize you are passionate about this issue, but the side-effects of this bill are just too problematic.

Three that come to my mind:

1. It sends a dangerous message to the Scott Roeders of the world that taking matters into their own hands may be justified. Enough doctors (and patients) have been murdered already by crazy people caught up in the anti-abortion rhetoric.

2. This concept of vigilante justice is un-American. In fact, it echoes concepts in ancient Hebraic and Sharia law ("eye for an eye") that our Founders (many from their Christian faith) found abhorrent. We should all be presumed innocent until proven guilty. 1171 threatens that strong tradition.

3. This bill has made national news in a very negative way, undoing our efforts to encourage people to visit or move their businesses here to South Dakota. Dropping the bill soon will minimize the damage done.

Again, although I do not agree, I do respect your passionate views about the abortion issue but I hope you see fit to drop this bill as soon as you can.

Thank you

Curtis Price
Rapid City

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