Friday, March 12, 2010

Rapid City's finest, acting, well, not so fine.


Pretty harsh. I'm hoping the ACLU makes some progress here. Of course the worse problem is DADT, which we should ask Rep SHS to end right away if she cares as much about military readiness as she says....

ACLU says Rapid City police got lesbian airman tossed out of military (RC Journal, March 12)


Newsome was given an honorable discharge early this year; she was a nine-year military veteran who planned to make it a career, Doody said. Newsome's discharge came after the police officers notified the Air Force that she was married to another woman.

Officers serving an out-of-state fugitive warrant on Newsome's spouse, Cheryl Hutson, allegedly noticed an Iowa marriage certificate. According to the ACLU's complaint, Hutson was questioned about the marriage certificate, and that information was included in the police report.

How appropriate to hear from Integrity USA today:

The Revised Common Lectionary readings for this Sunday includes the well-known Parable of the Prodigal Son. Most of us have been prodigals at some point in our spiritual journeys. Many LGBT folk have become prodigals because the faith traditions in which they were raised would not accept them as beloved children of God.

Add our most treasured American institutions, who need to continue to complete the American story by including everyone and honoring their inalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Why is it so hard to simply honor the dignity of every person?


  1. Each and every human being has dignity as being created in the image of God. Each human being has incredible value as one of God's children--so much value that Jesus considered it worth it to take on human form and suffer an agonizing death to provide a way for every person to escape condemnation for their sins and to be set free of the bondage of those sins.

    It's very unfortunate that homosexuals who embrace this sin are denying who they were created to be, denying the incredible mercy of Christ, and are dishonoring their own God-given dignity by behaving contrary to how GOd created them to behave.

  2. Thanks Bob, as usual, you're all heart.

  3. Anonymous20:44

    Straight people and I'm guessing Bob who prays that he is are so very weird.

  4. I think Bob is much cuter than the thinks...

    ... not that there's anything wrong with that.

  5. Anonymous19:58

    If this lesbian thought enough about her lover to stall for time for her to get out of the house, she doesn't need to serve in the military...she's obviously got priorities over service to the country to protect a wanted person.
    Look in Robbinsdale, the Radical is smuggling her to Canada....or Wyoming.