Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Come to Rapid, Johnny!

My note to Johnny Weir today:

People that don't fit the mold are having a hard time in South Dakota these days.

Come to Rapid City Johnny!!! We have a nice new hockey rink and we're right on I-90. There are many, young and old, who would be encouraged by your love of life and your no-apologies attitude.

We love you!

Curtis Price
Rapid City, SD

I just love this man. Skaters on Ice and their major sponsor, Smuckers, are stupid enough not to hire him (HuffPost)... (Maybe to keep up the manly-man image of the sport of men's figure-skating?!?!??)

The Stars on Ice skating tour has officially denied that perceived sexual orientation played a role in its decision to not invite two-time Olympic figure skater Johnny Weir to be a part of the show. Previous reports indicated that Weir was excluded from the tour because he is "not family friendly."

"We are disappointed that there is untrue and inaccurate information being disseminated," the tour wrote in a statement. "Please be assured that the `gender identity and sexual orientation' of cast members has never been a consideration in the selection of tour performers."

GLAAD is sponsoring a petition drive to give craziness a little air. I hope Weir gets on Rachel--wouldn't THAT be great!

Johnny Weir responds - with typical artistic integrity, and, yes, incredible show biz savvy (in his field you need both!):

Weir's plan (CNN story) is to stage his own tour, which he promised would be a "crazy, over-the-top fantasy show."

"It could be really incredible and something for everyone really," he said. "I mean, I'm not opposed to anything crazy -- Flying Elephants, Madison Square Garden, lots of glitz and glamour. That's what my show would look like."

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  1. There is no future for gay kids in South Dakota. Weir should not come out of protest for all the hate in South Dakota. We live in LGBT hate central.