Monday, January 4, 2010

So proud

From the Jan 4 Rapid City Journal:
Republican state Rep. Don Kopp ... plans to push that idea during the upcoming legislative session with a bill that would require public schools that teach the threats of global warming to also provide students with the skeptical view of climate change.

Rep. Kopp's remarkable ignorance of (a) his job as a legislator, (b) science, and (c) pretty much any other topic he chooses to comment about never fails to amaze.

We wonder aloud today at the Radical's homestead, what is WRONG with Republicans that they put up candidates like Kopp? And what is wrong with Dems that they can't get serious support behind challengers in West River?

My theory: those that run things in our State are concerned that if they put forward educated, intelligent candidates they'd figure out that the main business of Pierre is organized distribution of favors and money among long-time friends.

Sure, there is corruption around the country, but here it's a lot less expensive.

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