Monday, January 4, 2010

Julie Bartling wants to audit your womb

This in from the Capital Journal. This was posted last September but I had missed it, until the South Dakota Democratic Party invited me to support her campaign...
PIERRE — State Senator Julie Bartling, D-Burke, has announced her candidacy for South Dakota State Auditor.

Lest we forget, Julie Bartling gave full-throated support (and credibility, by making the attack "bipartisan") to the HB1215 extremist assault on women back in 2006:

STATE SEN. JULIE BARTLING (D): There is a movement across this country on the wishes to save and protect the lives of unborn children. As you know, Justice Roberts and Justice Alito were just favorably placed on that board. There is still another chance that President Bush will have to place another justice on that bench. I think it's time to pass House Bill 1215 and protect the lives of the unborn.

lest we forget, this placed a representative of the South Dakota Democratic Party next to to this comment in the same Lehrer NewsHour report:

I'm so proud of my Party for letting bygones be bygones.

After all, it's only the lives of my daughters at stake here.


  1. Anonymous11:13

    Julie Bartling is a good person

  2. I never said she wasn't --- but she sure doesn't represent my values. And in my opinion her extreme positions have no place in a Democratic party that claims to support women.

    Women need more access to health care, not less.