Wednesday, January 6, 2010

SDFPC and Citizens for Liberty Rally in Rapid City

I made it to the "educational event" hosted by the South Dakota Family Policy Council and the Citizens for Liberty at SDSMT last night. This is the event that SDFPC was distributing church bulletins to encourage good Christians™ to attend.

All ... eight of them.... filled the room with their ideas.

It was a bit of a stretch to be sure, but they did their best.

(BTW in the video below, you can see Bob Ellis there in the back of the room toward the end of my cinematic pan across the crowd. It was nice to see you there Bob!)

One of the big treats of the evening was to hear from the leader of the local Black Hills "Tea Party" group, the Citizens for Liberty, Barb Lindberg who informed us that she was one of the flag-burnin' Vietnam War protesters... not because it was the right thing to do... nope, she protested because it was cool. It was "a fad." (Her words.) Yeah, that's how I remember it too.

I wonder if Ms. Lindberg burned her bra? Sounds like she was quite the flower girl!

(Ms. Lindberg in her "salad days," partying it up.)

Ms. Lindberg shared with me before the meeting that one of her big concerns that the school nondiscrimination and education policies would potentially expose our innocent kids to transvestites. Yup, creepy transvestites, that's what this is all about.

Can't wait for Halloween!

During the talk briefly exerpted above, she also talked about her sweet grandkids playing make-believe pirates and how it pained her that they would be "exposed" to The Gay and have their innocence destroyed before the age of 13. (Do they not get cable at her house?)

I guess no one told her about The Pirate Life... long months without women-folk on the warm tropical ocean; the gentle breeze, the brightly colored bandannas, warm oil and spiced rum... aarrrrr... warm thoughts for a cold winter's night.... Yo ho ho! Tranvestites are the least of her worries IMHO.

More seriously. Former Rep. Don Van Etten read a letter to the assembled throng that he had sent to the school board. The letter basically said there is no conclusive evidence that people are born gay, were never sent to the back of the bus, did not have their voting rights curtailed, and that there is absolutely no evidence that anyone is inherently gay, therefore they don't need civil rights protection. (This scientifically inaccurate and ethically irresponsible rant was not mentioned [for some reason] by Bob Ellis on his blog post about this meeting.)

The good news is, the school board opposition does not have the votes to stop it. The majority passed it in on Dec 17 over Gordon Howie's objections and is extremely likely to approve it tomorrow 4-3.

But to make sure, please do encourage your school board members to support it on Thursday night, and do come out to the CSAC in Rapid City at 5:30.

See you there!

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  1. first time I saw this...this is creepy...oh yeah, they're a large special interest group all right...and scary.