Sunday, November 1, 2009

David Fischer tells the truth to Aberdeen American readers!

I just had to share this letter to the editor in full (with David's permission):

Thank you to the American News [Aberdeen, South Dakota] for highlighting the outrageous behavior of Keith Bardwell, the so-called servant of the law, the justice of the peace in Louisiana who refused to sign a marriage certificate recently submitted to him by a mixed-race couple. After all, it was more than 40 years ago when the Supreme Court legalized interracial marriages, marriages which had often been condemned by fundamentalist Christians.

Thankfully in this same time span we have also seen the growing acceptance of same-sex marriages and one day soon refusing to certifiably wed a gay or lesbian couple will cause us to reject this inequality no differently. The noose of injustice will slip from the hands of religious bigots.

Countless amounts of time and money are wasted in efforts to prevent same-sex unions or marriages from being sanctioned and celebrated. The self-righteous fill offering plates with dollars of hate ignoring their Christ's calling to goodness and his plea to serve the least among us.

Recently, the American News alarmingly reported South Dakota's ranking with the second highest rate of child deaths from abuse and neglect in the nation. Heterosexual marriages fare no better. Depressing headlines from The Institute of American Values provided the U.S. Marriage Index with statistics of the last four decades. In that time span "happy" marriages have declined, divorce rates have soared and married parents now birth only 60 percent of babies.

As blatantly shocking as this evidence shows, increasingly frenzied efforts by the radical right deliriously work to tear apart gay and lesbian partnerships that have exhibited decades of stability and love. Glorious will be the day when like-minded Keith Bardwells or organizations such as the Concerned Women of America, the Family Policy Council and Focus on the Family judge not the hearts of any couple.

David Fischer

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