Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Herseth Sandlin on Dakota Midday 11a,12ct

Rep. Herseth Sandlin will be on the air today on South Dakota Public Radio.

Here's my question that I emailed in. Tune in and call in -- she needs to hear from us.

Dear Mr. Guggenheimer,

LOVE your program.

I have a question for Rep Herseth Sandlin on the air today on Dakota Midday:

Rep Herseth Sandlin,

I applaud your work co-sponsoring and getting passed the Veterans Health Care Budget Reform and Transparency Act just a few weeks ago. This will be of great benefit to our veterans, who deserve access to heath care.

Since our veterans have access to a government-run single-payer system that provides excellent care, why do you advocate against something so simple and fiscally prudent as allowing healthy young people to buy into Medicare right now?

Your continued defense of a system that benefits shareholders over sick people has Democrats across this state confused and angry.

Curtis (Price)
Rapid City

UPDATE: Rep Herseth Sandlin's interview, including her condescending response to the above question, is available online on the SDPB website.


  1. I'm not confused... but I'm also not happy. I second the question!

  2. Anonymous21:16

    If we want to keep ourfreedom to choose with our physicians what direction our care will take--then we need to leave the government out of it! Stephi needs to VOTE NO on the healthcare reform being offered now. Weneed individual plans--not employer based plans--so we can vote with our feet if we don't like our coverage,we need tort reform (badly), we need portable insurance policies. We need government to STAY AWAY from our healthcare decisions!