Friday, November 6, 2009

Dear Rep. Herseth Sandlin

Please review the facts and vote YES tomorrow, which would be a vote FOR families and against the corporations that are destroying our lives with health care for profit.

You have issued a press release that you plan to vote no this weekend.

I want to inform you that if you vote "no" tomorrow, my wife and I, and most active Democrats I know in West River are done.

A reasonably intelligent Republican like Chris Nelson would easily get our vote in November 2010 if you vote no tomorrow.

If you vote no Saturday night, you will have given a message loud and clear that you are really a Republican, so we might as well vote for a real one.


  1. Anonymous10:31

    I will be contributing to Congressman Pomeroy's (ND) campaign for reelection to thank him for his yes vote.

  2. Anonymous10:53

    Count me in with those who are done if our rep is votes no. Feeling kinda betrayed.

  3. Contributions to Democrats elsewhere -- I prefer to buy local... but I like the suggestion that we might do to support the Democrat principles we believe in by supporting Dems in other states against their GOP challengers.

  4. Anonymous14:31

    I agree. If the Republicans run Chris Nelson I will vote for him. While I have not given huge amounts of dollars to her pervious campaigns, it sure can use the money I planned on donating elsewhere. This is it for this old liberal Democrat.