Monday, October 12, 2009

Things can change fast

I was cleaning up stuff in the house this afternoon and ran across this story in the RCJ dated Aug 29, 2001:

RAPID CITY — In a budget-cutting move, Pennington County will close its courthouse-security station two months early, on Oct. 1. The money saved from such programs cut for 2002 will replenish county reserve funds and provide county employees pay raises.

Although some people have complained about the inconvenience of removing belt buckles, jewelry and watches or sending jackets, purses and briefcases through the X-ray system, employees say the delay was worth it for their peace of mind. They consider eliminating security a mistake.

"I understand the need to make cuts, but sometimes people get upset because we can't issue them a license or they don't like their tax bill," County Treasurer Janet Sayler said. "I just want them (county commissioners) to make sure nothing happens to me or my employees."

Needless to say they ramped the security back up on late September.

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