Thursday, October 15, 2009

John Boehner finally recognizes Robbinsdale Radical's wide political influence

Looks official, I thought I better open it -- who knows what Obama might do to me and my honest middle America South Dakota family (solidly Christian, heterosexual, with a mom working at home) if I didn't open it:

Whew! Turned out it's from my political colleague Rep. John Boehner!

Dear Fellow Republican,

You are one of a carefully selected group of Republican leaders nationwide receiving the enclosed CENSUS DOCUMENT containing your 2009 Census of America's Republican Leadership.

Thus follows twenty questions carefully worded to get an unbiased opinion from me and the rest of the key Republican grass-roots activists across our fair Nation, along the lines of:

Should House Republicans resist the Democrats' new federal government bureaucracy, excessive regulation, and socialist "spread the wealth" redistribution schemes?

( ) Yes ( ) No ( ) Undecided

This is important information they need to figure out a strategy to take back the House. But it's expensive, so Question 20 is call for money - fortunately, only $100 pays enough "to mail 211 more CENSUS documents to registered Republicans." Boy those printing and mailing costs are a killer. Damn unions.

Fortunately, if my health insurance premiums have me too strapped, it's okay if at least cover the cost of collecting my important opinion as a South Dakota Republican leader:

( ) YES I support the NRCC but I am unable to participate at this time. I have enclosed $11 to cover the cost of processing my survey.

They must have Halliburton contracted to process the "census forms". Well, it costs a lot to do it right.

If I don't give money, they clearly think I've sunk pretty low. The next choice is (gasp)

( ) NO, I support Speaker Nancy Pelosi

OMG. I better send them something-- otherwise Rep Boehner will think I'm in favor of the San Francisco liberal gay-luvin, socialist agenda.

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