Sunday, September 27, 2009

Headed to Oacoma this weekend!

I will be at the Episcopal Church's 2009 Annual Convention at Cedar Shores Resort in Oacoma (across the river from Chamberlain, SD) next weekend.

Integrity_LogoMy role at the meeting will include wearing a few hats: (1) Serving as a delegate from my congregation ([the very welcoming] St Andrew's, Rapid City), (2) introducing Episcopalians to EqSD, and (3) representing Integrity USA. I will have a booth up both Saturday and Sunday.

Integrity advocates for LGBT people in the Episcopal church, both among laity and clergy, and is one of many church-specific organizations (including DignityUSA, Evangelicals Concerned, Al-Faitha, and many others) working for the full inclusion of LGBT persons in the Church.

Integrity's "radical gay agenda" is simple: All the sacraments for all the baptized.

SD Diocese SealThe South Dakota Diocese is a treasure -- it benefits from powerful cultural and spiritual roots: Native, Anglican and Episcopal. Although sometimes separated by great distances (geographical, cultural, and sometimes theological!) there is a great love and respect among those there. I have great friends there going back ten years. We break bread together, catch up with each other's lives, and do the work of the Church.

Since 2006, when I introduced (and passed) a resolution criticizing South Dakota's anti-LGBT Amendment C, I have represented Integrity at the Diocesan Convention. I always have been treated with respect, even by those that are, to put it mildly, not in agreement with Integrity's mission.

It will be quite excellent!

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  1. I really think gODD is upset with South Dakota...he was quoted the last time he visited Mt. Rushmore..."So you didn't like my mountain the way I made it? You can do better than Me? C' amoeba, right now!" No takers. So passing pro-gay legislation here is even less likely...