Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Forbes advises us to "hunker down" to make it through this recession.

I saw a report on KELO News about Steve Forbes' visit to the Sioux Falls Chamber today. He says the stimulus spending was a waste, has not worked for the Japanese, and that it didn't work for FDR either. (My dear one said: WHAT?)

He called for cutting spending and taxes to bring the dollar up. Yup, that would be great for the economy, strangle our exports, etc... Smoot-Hawley anyone?? Anyone??

But my favorite comment I heard in the short news report was a recommendation for South Dakotans to basically "hunker down." Ya know like his Wall Street buddies are, as they cash in against the next credit default swap derivatives meltdown.

Like that isn't what the bottom 90% has been doing since 1972?


  1. I had the honor of being one of many limo drivers picking up guests of Mr. Forbes from his private airplane in Chicago some years back. That was in the early 90's. I was "hunkering" then...trying to keep the wolves at bay...the wolves continue to this day. It's sure easy to tell others what to do when one has everything and everybody around you has everything. It's time to take from the rich and take from the rich.

  2. Anonymous22:19

    Forbes is certifiable, but very, very wealthy. I suppose that gives him a license to say what ever he wants, but it does not make him right.

    He should ask Rounds and Daugaard and their budget officer if they thought it was such a failure. They took all the money they could grab -- and they still want more!

  3. I'd love to see Steve Forbes hunker down on my budget. For one thing, he wouldn't be jetting around the country making sanctimonious speeches.