Sunday, June 14, 2009

Ruth Schutz featured in the Rapid City Journal

One of my fast friends and probably my favorite RCJ letter-writer, Ruth Schutz, was featured in the paper a couple of weeks ago and I missed it among the hubub of graduation and all the news that's happening. It's still online though; a story that should be shared.

According to Schutz, one of the hardest things about being paralyzed is getting bored because of her active mind, but she says she’s lived a rich life and considers herself lucky.

“I’m warm in the winter, cool in the summer,” she said. “I get three meals a day. I have clothes. Over half of the world goes to bed hungry every night.”

Ruth (right) looks on as Judy Olsen Duhamel (off camera left) explains to Hillary Clinton how Ruth has been a strong advocate for children and families in Rapid City for many years.

Ruth's recently published book, Like A Thief In The Night, tells the story of her long struggle with Multiple Sclerosis; I think the book is required reading for anyone who is facing living or working in a nursing home situation. It's a fantastic book, especially if you know that she wrote the entire thing with assistive technology (she is physically unable to type or write).

Stay tuned, I will soon post some excerpts from the book that are worth a read.

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