Saturday, June 13, 2009

My letter to President Obama

I am writing to express my outrage at the legal brief your administration filed in a California Federal Court defending DOMA, the discriminatory Defense of Marriage Act -- a law you promised to repeal when you were running for President.

I am writing to urge you to immediately stop defending DOMA, call for its repeal and instruct the Department of Justice to take any and all actions to support that position, including asking the court to strike the brief.

I demand that you immediately call for an end to all discrimination against LGBT Americans and demonstrate that you are the "fierce" advocate you claimed you will be.

As a Federal employee that believes in equality for all, it is encouraging to see that actions of Secretary Clinton at the State Department. DOMA needs to go, and it should start with the Federal workforce.

DOMA is wrong. I live in a very "red" part of the country, and without Federal support, marriage discrimination will exist here for a very long time. Federal leadership is needed.

Please honor your promises and work to eliminate DOMA and Don't Ask Don't Tell.

It's time; long past time.


  1. Anonymous22:06

    I share your dislike for DOMA, however President Obama is bound by his oath of office to uphold the laws of the USA. DOMA is currently the law of the land,therefore DOJ is bound to defend it in court. They may not defend it very well and lose the case, which will end DOMA. Mission accomplished. Remember, No Drama Obama?

  2. Amen, brother, amen...or in my case...ahhh, men. In any case, the brief was written by some 1950s knuckle-dragger who may do more good for our side than you think...because it's so outrageous. But there's no outrage in homoville. Still that same attitude we've most always had...if they let us be human we'll be human...instead, they define who we are until the majority has had enough of that crap....but thanks for the letter,sir, I don't think he's reading letters...or writing notes of excuse...of one kind or another. His begging to the rest of the world is getting a little tiresome.