Sunday, June 14, 2009

Quote of the day

Iran is awfully far from Rapid City, but this one still resonates...

At his news conference, Ahmadinejad made light of restrictions on the press and media.

"Don't worry about freedom in Iran," he said. "Newspapers come and go and reappear. Don't worry about it."

Iran curbs media after disputed election,

If he just wasn't so darn cute.


  1. Sir, may I have your newspaper? No, no, the whole building AND the presses...and nevermind the men with guns...they're just here to read.

  2. Sir, may I have your newspaper when you're finished...bleeding on the floor and full of bullets?

  3. "Sir, I hate to read your newspaper over your shoulder, so I'm just going to put this noose around your neck and pull you up out of the way."

  4. "We're so efficient in Iran, the most efficient nation in world, that we counted all the ballots before the election was over. We're just so amazing."

  5. "Sure the streets are full of people but soon all this will be over and the streets will be a beautiful shade of'll have to come and see it...we're such a wonderful tourist destination."