Monday, June 9, 2008

She's in

At left: 2006 primary results, pre-Tom Katus

It's official. Elli Schweisow is in the race in District 32 for State Senate. No government track record, but she has done a lot of volunteer work and LOTS of political experience.
Schwiesow said she's a "common sense conservative" and will center her campaign on affordable health care, putting education dollars in the classroom, transparent government, and protecting private property from the abusive use of eminent domain.
How about that, Elli has pretty much taken on the values of the Pennington County Democratic Party. I suspect her "common-sense" implementation plans are different though, my guess it involves the wildly successful conservative approach that has served us well for the last thirty years: "something for nothing." That's working out just dandy isn't it?

This will be a fascinating race that will be about issues, we've got three candidates with three different approaches. A good opportunity for District 32 voters to decide what kind of representation they need in Pierre, based on the issues.

Run Elli run!

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  1. I hope she runs the other direction!