Thursday, June 12, 2008

Another sign of the triumph of the Politics Of Me

The Kids Count numbers are in:
The percentage of underweight babies born in the United States has increased to its highest rate in 40 years, with Georgia ranking seventh from the bottom in delivering healthy infants, according to a new report that also documents a recent rise in the number of children living in poverty.
... another triumph of the conservative values of the 90s and 00s....

Sooo, according to the Annie E. Casey Foundation... so how is South Dakota doing?

You can look it up on their Kids Count Data Center website here. And, surprise, South Dakota is slipping, while our Legislature spends their time laying down the law on women's medical decisions, tanning salons, and my favorite, making sure ten-year-olds are permitted to blast lead into varmints... to blast lead into varmints... (Farewell, bye Mike, Buckingham, the warped values shown by your fighting for this legislation probably kept you out of the State Senate. And you know I'm all broken up about that.)

These numbers of South Dakota's rank during the Republican super-majority in our legislature have a brutal eloquence... I hope "values voters" are paying attention:

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