Sunday, June 8, 2008

Was Joe Klein in Rapid City?

Still wondering if this good-looking gent I saw wandering around in Tally's last Monday with a press credential was Joe Klein of Time. While googling him to see if it really was his, I ran across this neat article (The Democrat's New Western Stars) that had this quote about Rocky Mountain Dems:
"Bet you never thought you'd find a politician named Buffie out in Colorado. I tell folks it's short for buffalo." McFayden, a force of nature, explained that her district had 12 prisons and a solid Republican majority that voted for her because "the right's gone so far to the right, you can't recognize them anymore. When the wingers accuse me of being a liberal, I say, Sure, if you mean that I'm in favor of staying out of people's private lives and balancing the budget and I'm against stealing."
(emphasis mine)

That's about it. I am so psyched to get to Denver and meet some of these people in August. (Well, those that I don't know already from South Dakota!!)

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