Sunday, January 6, 2008

Why we work for equality for GLBT folk, continued

Katie Sherrod's answer in Texas (as reported by Barbie Click) on what or whose "authority" we speak for acceptance of GLBT folks in the Church (and for full citizenship outside the Church):

[Sherrod] quietly reminded us all that it is through our baptisms that we are connected with Jesus Christ and that it is by that very baptism that we claim membership in that one Body and one Spirit; one hope in God’s call to us. She reminded us that we are firmly knitted together through that baptismal covenant and our promises that we will not only proclaim the Good News of God in Christ but that we will seek and serve God in ALL persons, all the while striving for justice and peace among all people, remember[ing] that we are to respect the dignity of every human being. It is our duty and responsibility to speak out against unanswered questions and half-truths and deliberately misconceived ideas.

(emphasis mine)

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