Monday, December 31, 2007

Dave Barry's New Year Message

I always try to read Dave Barry's year end summary... this years version is quite a doozy. The year 2007 CE had it's high points, but it had its share of low ones too.

In other scandal news, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales gets into hot water when congressional Democrats allege that his name can be rearranged to spell ''Re-Label Zoo Gnats'' and ''Gala Lobster Zone.'' President Bush calls Gonzales ''a person in which I have the utmost whaddyacallit'' and pledges to ``stand behind him 100 percent for the time being.''

. . . Democrats in Congress -- continuing to implement their policy of being passionately against the war while avoiding doing anything that might get them blamed for stopping the war -- vote to continue funding the war, but boldly enter many snippy remarks about it into the congressional record. President Bush receives this devastating news stoically, then goes ahead and makes his putt.
Happy New Year all! May the year 2008 bring you blessings and encouragement! Yeah, even you orthodox types!!

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