Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Questions from New Hampshire...

Have you been listening the awful music the NH Republican candidates have been playing for their "victory" speeches in New Hampshire tonight? Is this part of their relevance issues or just a symptom?

Nothing more of interest on that side of the aisle in New Hampshire.

The Democrats, on the other hand, did no less but give a big raspberry to the pundits that have been calling the race for Obama for days. It was great.

More questions...

How could the cable talking heads be so wrong?

When will Tweety shut up?

Our own (okay, Watertown's own) Tom Brokaw warmed my heart tonight by answering both questions.. this was well-reported by Korkenzieher over at DailyKos:
I don't remember the last time I stood in my living room and cheered out loud for a media figure not named Keith Olbermann. But when Brokaw talked about the media rushing to conclusions and the importance of just letting the process unfold, I cheered like it was a Brett Favre touchdown pass. It was awesome, and would have been even more awesome if Chris Mathews would have listened.

We are tired of being told what we think by the pundits instead of news about the candidates. Americans, especially politically-awakening young Americans, simply can't take it any more and are screening their calls and abandoning land lines, and probably going as far as lying to pollsters.

Happy New Hampshire Day all. Whoever wins, we should all work for a 1932. It's time to reload with new paradigms.

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