Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas hero in the Diocese of San Joaquin

My hero for the week: an Episcopal priest who stands for healing and reconcilation, not for division and self-rightousness, locked out of his vicarate by his Bishop, apparently for the crime of abstaining in the San Joaquin Diocese's vote to leave the Episcopal Church.
If I can't get into that building, I'll go to their homes. We'll find another place to worship. I'm a priest here in Atwater for those who want to remain Episcopal.
It really is curious how there is a "Southern Cone of Silence" on this news item. Think what we'd hear if it was a conservative mission being shut down. Double standard? Nah.

Anyway, pray for those that are working to Remain Episcopal in California.

There are those who wish to take the South Dakota Episcopal church in this direction, but thankfully they are a clear minority... as a whole pragmatic South Dakotan Episcopalians I have talked to have quite resented the invitations to leave the Episcopal Church; they are focused on their home parishes and their work, not who is in and who is out.

Episcopalians here have told me they are not that interested in determining what is orthodox and "reasserting"... and would like to spend energy on the call of Christmas: feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, and loving one another.

Shocking, I know.

Christmas wishes to all!

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