Monday, September 24, 2007

The MSM is clueless again

Newsweek has the "big scoop" that Democrats are "courting evangelicals." As usual they just quote the right wing verbatim and believe anything they say, even when it's ridiculous. They quote Richard Land:
"Dean told me how the Democrats were pro-life in that they wanted a country in which abortion was rare. I said, 'I agree, but we disagree how to get there.' Still, it was certainly a change in tone."
A change in tone? "Safe, legal and rare" is not only a mantra of Bill Clinton; it's in the friggin' 2004 Dem platform? Gee, Dick, why didn't you throw us a line the last Presidential elecation? We really could have used your help.

I can't believe he is serious. I think Land is simply playing the political system, because the GOP is no longer in his back pocket, he's casting about for new friends, or maybe scare his old ones into being his friends again.

Here's another one:
"We want to be viewed as we are—people of faith—not a political bloc," says Leith Anderson, president of the National Association of Evangelicals.

The Republicans have been using you as a voting bloc for 20 years. Hence their focus on a few hot-button issues: gays, abortion, abstinence. If the GOP really shared evangelical values, we'd be hearing a lot more about the widening split between the rich and poor, and about hunger and health care for the poor.

The whole country will be better off when the evangelicals figure out that playing political games with the powers of the world is not only wrong, it does not serve the Kingdom. Playing political games has gotten them nothing but lip service and disdain from the political leadership. Activism and voting for their Christian values -- ALL of them -- will support the change their tradition demands.

Just another example, how one can defend the inability of this government to extend SCHIP is totally beyond my understanding from my faith perspective. God knows we don't want a low-income mom or child seeing a doctor on my penny. Where are the "values voters" on this one??? Evangelicals, please drop the teams and the labels. There isn't enough "love your neighbor as yourself" in America, and it won't happen until we put more pressure to re-order our priorities.

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