Saturday, September 22, 2007

Professor fired for offending students with Genesis

I'm just glad that this couldn't happen here in South Dakota. I hope it isn't really the truth in Iowa--maybe more facts will come out later.

The professor has indeed been fired. The students sound like total babies to me. Of course I wasn't there, but it sure sounds like these students didn't seem to be in school to learn anything. Hm Maybe they should have gone to Sen. John Thune's alma mater instead of Southwest Iowa Community College... a little more money, but hey, no danger of your fragile, narrow world view being challenged there.

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  1. "Often, these students are essentially right out of high school and they take things so personally," Bitterman said. "They really can't distinguish between a critical assessment of their argument and an attack upon them personally."

    This is a problem with people of all ages in South Dakota. Disagree with some on an issue and they immediately take it as an attack on their personality. It really makes discussing some issues with elected officials incredibly difficult.