Thursday, September 27, 2007

U.S. Bishops take three steps back

This editorial headline from The Guardian (UK) says it all

US bishops have bent the knee to the will of the bully
Uniting in homophobia, the Anglican church has delivered another blow to the battle against global religious fascism

Here's the cheery report from the CSM:
The question remains how traditionalists in the US and the developing world, particularly in Africa, will respond to the action and whether it will quash further defections among Episcopalians.
Talk about wishful thinking. They will do what they want.

To me, the great tragedy is that there is no point to giving in to the demands of the loud, IRD-funded echo chamber. They don't respect the concept of full GLBT inclusion, and they never will. They are already complaining.

Many good thoughts from Susan+ Russell and her commenters here over at Inch At A Time are worth a look.

The end message? Here in South Dakota as well as everywhere else, we cannot ever give up. Homophobia is wrong everywhere -- in the church, on the ranch, in the Legislature.

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