Saturday, April 28, 2007

Me and Tommy Get The Word Out


I spent an hour today just getting the word out there with a one man action.... Well, actually, me & Thomas.

Takes some courage to stand out there like that, but we had great time, talked it up with pedestrians, and got a lot of honks!

If the Executive continues on its current course, they could be closer to this than they think. Especially with Congress actually investigating now. Proof positive at left, today's action was one of many actions, big and small, all over the country.

Check out Clean Cut Kid's John Thune's Iraq "We Need Another Six Months" Countdown. Also,Dakota Today reminds us that we aren't crazy to want our soldiers home and out of this war. We didn't have to be here, by posting a link to the brave Senators and Reps that tried to stop this at the beginning with their NO votes in 2002. -- --

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