Saturday, March 3, 2007

Faithfulness, for real

Fr. Frank Alagna, in an open letter to Presiding Bishop Jefforts-Schori (+Katharine has been recommending a "pause" in inclusion of GLBT folks, to placate the so-called "orthodox" in the worldwide Anglican Communion):
... [A] commitment to the requirements of justice and inclusion represent no less a strict understanding of the biblical tradition and the main stream of its ethical tradition. Justice is, in fact, the overarching ethic of the Judeo-Christian tradition. We are biblically taught, and similarly schooled by the best of the church's tradition, that there is no love without justice, there is no peace without justice, and there can be no real union or communion without justice. The fact that Jesus had much to say about justice and inclusion and was relatively silent about sexuality should always give us pause as we presume to articulate the gospel's non-negotiables.
I am of course thinking about "pro-lifers" and Republicans in the South Dakota State Legislature being so sure-footed on their particular moral pedestals. An honest political processes that promotes good values simply doesn't happen without dialogue and respectful disagreement. You don't have a monopoly on faithfulness just because your faith led you there and you proudly close your ears once you've arrived. After all, you may even be, well, wrong.


  1. John14:07

    First, real faithfullness in God does not include GLBT lifestyles unless they ask for forgiveness and turn from their lifestyle. Are you saying otherwise?
    Second, I also agree no group should pretend to have a monopoly God-if you are for or against the right to an abortion I would believe most people can read the Bible for themselves and understand where God stands on the issue.

  2. Yes, I'm saying otherwise. I strongly believe that the Church's exclusion of gays, lesbians, and women from positions of authority is wrong and a terrible withholding of spiritual and temporal gifts from the Church.

    The Bible which you think speaks so clearly about this issue only continues to do so as long as you refuse your inform your understanding of Scripture with the reality we see around us.

    The Bible speaks very clearly about the sanctity of life, but I don't see Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, et al, calling to get us out of Iraq.

    It's time for truth telling and it's time to stand up for what is right. You can bet I'll be wearing tie-dye on Easter morning.