Sunday, March 4, 2007

Gene Abdallah gets it right

Sen. Abdallah, we couldn't agree with this more. Sort of like the stopped clock that's right twice a day, or the ten thousand monkeys trying to write Shakespeare?

He is quoted in the RCJ yesterday in an Associated Press piece by Joe Kafka (what a GREAT surname for a reporter assigned to the SD Legislature eh?) about the Legislature trying enforce their tax on the smoking poor.

Talk about the charred pot calling the kettle black:
Sen. Gene Abdallah, R-Sioux Falls, said the bill would impose prison sentences [on tobacco smugglers] almost as severe as those given armed robbers. "Are we crazy?" Abdallah asked.

"Ladies and gentlemen, we're out of control," Abdallah told his colleagues.
Ya think?

The State Legislature needs some more new people in 2008. Let's push it a little further into the reality-based world... yes, more Dems would help. Every additional seat we get will be well worth the effort.

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