Saturday, October 28, 2006

Words of Choice

The Radical was fortunate to hear some wonderful speakers Friday night on the RL6 issue. One was from the talking circle of Native women against RL6 at Rushmore Plaza Civic Center. One of the most inspiring was Cecelia Fire Thunder, below, though many others, including Charmaine White Face, Lisa Cook, and many others had moving things to say, and thrilling words of hope.

Cecelia Fire Thunder reminded us how well her family named her!

The second was a moving dramatic presentation from Words of Choice, held (for the second night) at the Dahl Fine Arts Center. This group came all the way from New York to support us, and they were fantastic.

The performance was made up a group of dramatic pieces exploring the abortion issue and what choice means, what reproductive freedom means, in the real world. After the performance, the cast and the creator of Words Of Choice, Cindy Cooper, talked with the audience about what's at stake in South Dakota and several folks in the audience shared stories of their lives. We were all encouraged to keep up the fight against RL6.

Personally I was moved by their effort and the efforts of those that supported the group, including Caitlin Collier, the South Dakota coordinator for their tour.

Cast members (L to R) Carl H. Jaynes, Marilyn Torres, Suzanne Grossman, Bekka Lindstrom, with your scribe

It was just fantastic. People like those who performed and attended give me hope.

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