Saturday, October 28, 2006

Candidates Forum in North Rapid City

I had the pleasure of attending a candidates forum at North Middle School on Thursday night. A few highlights:

We had a neat color guard to start off the meeting.

Dist 35 candidates Buxcel and Wudtke (House) and Theresa Spry (Senate).

  • All the Dems represented themselves well and demonstrated they have both the brains and the heart to accomplish great things next year if elected. We heard some great words from them. All of the Dems, with Rep. Sen. Mac McCracken (who is runnign unopposed in 34) pretty clearly put themselves in the pro-life, but also pro-freedom column.

    The Radical got to hang out a bit with Theresa Spry and visit about the new ad on CNN, now available on YouTube as well. It really tells it like it is why we have so many fine Dems running, and why Republicans will lose many seats in a few days. It will be sweet. More on that soon. Theresa promised to represent everyone, and made the claim that South Dakotans have not been represented well in the Legislature recently. Her opponent, Sen Napoli, said he hears complaints like this, but nobody calls him. Gee, Bill, I can't imagine why anyone would hesitate to call you.
    (See more on the Senate race in 35 (Spry vs Napoli) in the RCJ today.)
  • Republicans Jeff Haverly, Bill Napoli, and Mark Kirkeby notified us that they are not good Christians.. Napoli and Havelry said they voted for HB1215 not from their Christian beliefs but because they thought it was a good idea. Maybe their faith doesn't impact their vote? (maybe they should come to my forum at Emmanuel Episcopal Church on Sunday at 9 am, they may learn something)
  • According to hopefully soon-to-not-be-Rep. Doctor Don Van Etten, the reason 90,000 (or according to him 45,000) South Dakotans do not have health insurance, is because they choose not to purchase it. Cheapskates.
  • David Lust and Don Van Etten didn't get the memo from Thomas Jefferson that there is a separation, a "wall" between Church and State. Sure the establishment clause literally says there is no government established religion, but clearly Jefferson took it quite a bit farther. Read the memo, guys.
  • Rep. Jeff Haverly urged us all to join him and "stay the course" (I guess he didn't get the memo either, since he used the phrase at least four times) and have the Legislature continue doing what it's doing (I can only assume): starving schools, passing unconstitutial laws to drain our State treasury, and scaring the heck out of the entire country by threatening our liberty and freedom of conscience.
  • Sen. Bill Napoli told us that the Legislature is not dominated by Republicans. Uh, okay.
  • Haverly: We have enough call centers in South Dakota now (we need to find someone else to take advantage of our workforce I guess)
  • Rep. Mike Buckingham is "troubled" that his pastor bravely stood with Pastors for Moral Choices. Maybe he should ask his pastor why he doesn't support a law that would make a doctor choose between his diabetic patient's eyesight and left foot or jail.
  • According to Buckingham, Haverly, and Napoli, being a legislator is really hard. Funny, we're heard that a lot from Republicans this year. Buckingham complained that, you like, have to vote up or down on difficult issues. With out a "maybe" button. IMHO, the HB1215 vote had a huge maybe button (NO) that they should have pressed, if they weren't so sure, like Rep. Napoli said he is, that all 800 abortions in Sioux Falls last year were for birth control. How the hell does he know?

At any rate, here are more pictures:

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  1. I'm amazed at your shock at what the Republicans are planning. Really, I think they'd prefer to shoot abortion doctors at dawn and disembowel homosexuals...but then, they are compassionate. Had a chance to see Falwall open his program for Liberty his statement he said that only radical Christians can save America. In my opinion, South Dakota is "State Number 1" in their program because it's much easier to take over the small states first. Social engineering?
    How about concentration camps and death squads? We haven't seen anything yet. It's just the beginning. Better pray...that they don't get all the seats they want this fall. History is repeating itself at a slower pace. It's a gradulism for which others in history weren't so patient. This crowd doesn't think in terms of this year or next. They think in terms of 50 or 100 years from now. You seriously can fear that long range goal because they're goal is making the US a "radical Christian" nation with religion the basis of power. They may easily succeed without so much as a shot being fired. Homosexuals should be planning to leave as soon as they are aware. It may not be 666 printed on their foreheads, but some other scarlet letter designed to marginalize them further and deny them food, clothing and shelter. The radical Christians have learned from history even as they deny science.
    We might even see the banning of certain teachings in South Dakota schools...and dismantling of scientific research in certain areas. They can come up with a list as long as your arm on what they want to do in the future. They've got all the time in the world to spread their hatred.