Saturday, October 28, 2006


VoteYesForBackAlleyAbortions has released complaints to the press:
Pastor Jeff Hayes reported the vandalism of 11 "Vote Yes on Referred Law 6" yard signs to the Sioux Falls Police Department. Pro-abortion perpetrators sprayed black "Xs" and "No" on the signage. This information is posted on the voteyesforlife blog and there is even a slideshow on their home page.

"I feel victimized," says Hayes. "It's pretty horrendous for people to vandalize signs on a church lawn."
I am totally against sign vandalism and urge everyone to report it as a crime to police. After all, No On Six signs and Tom Katus signs are disappearing from people's yards at an alarming rate in Robbinsdale. My wife is the sign coordinator for District 32 and has lost about 40 Tom Katus signs, and we are now getting reports that at least a dozen No on Six signs were removed as we speak -- one was stolen from my yard this morning, in broad daylight! Statewide the number has got to be far more than 100.

I hate to sound like the conspiracy theorist, but they seem to be pouncing on this very hard, maybe they doth protest too much? The vandalism looks strangely similar to me. SD Healthy Families or any decent folk in Rapid City certainly wouldn't condone this. Is my family the only that is wondering whether this vandalism was a hatchet job by the VoteYesForBackAlleyAbortions bullies to make them look persecuted, inspire copycat vandalism and violence against SD Healthy Families, and gain some public sympathy for their jihad to put medical decisions in the hands of the government? I have no evidence, I'm just asking... would Christians be capable of this? I don't know about you, but I wouldn't put it past them, especially after the TV ad mentioning a nonexisting "health exception" and the so-called "provision" of the morning after pill that the same people have been working to prevent, and the spreading of false information by "friends" in the press. (Emergency rooms and pharmacists have been allowed by law and encouraged by extremist interest groups NOT to provide EC by the same "compassionate" folks that have brought us RL6.) Clearly false witness is clearly not off the table in the pro-RL6 campaign book. At least Bill Napoli is honest about his beliefs on this one.

I urge anyone who knows about sign vandalism to report it to the police, by opponents or proponents of the vandalized candidate or issue sign, please call it immediately. This must stop.

But in response to Leslee Unruh's santimonious comment:
"Hurting people hurt people," Leslee Unruh, campaign manager said in response to the vandalism. "Yes, we forgive them."
I pray Leslee and Robert Regier (both "reformed" abortionists themselves) would get off their high horse. The pro-RL6 bullies are hurting people every day, especially many Christians of good faith that disagree with them. I feel victimized by hurtful message sent by a political sign in the church yard. The message is: If you don't agree with us on this issue, YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE.

But we forgive you.


  1. Anonymous13:36

    I especially love the claims of t-shirt vandalism by Yes on 6. What - could they not get a good look at the person who spray painted their t-shirt while it was on them?

    Also - keep in mind - if you elect Mike Rounds, then you get more of the same. He is committed to outlawing abortion.

    Check out and the "Truth About Mike" section

  2. It isn't just the abortion issue. That is just a smoke screen. It is the general erosion of rights women have strived to achieve for decades.

    The proof is in the unyielding compromises that the current legislature refuses to make, like sex education in schoo, expanded hours at the free clinic, greater access to the morning after pill.

    Rounds' is in goose step with the archdiocese which is what worries me. Who is really in charge?