Sunday, October 29, 2006

Audio Truth about Referred Law 6

South Dakota Democracy in Action sent these radio ads my way. You'll be hearing them on the radio ads soon--they are a strong voice for compassion on the reproductive freedom issue. Please listen, and if you like what you hear, spread the word about these radio ads, support them financially, and forward a link to this page to your friends near and far. RL6 is going to be close and anything we can do is important. Spread the truth. Let's remind ourselves that this isn't just about abortions--it's about other medical decisions, and other freedoms we often take for granted. Especially you conservatives out there, I urge you to listen to these ads with an open mind.

If you like what you hear, please support DIA, so they can get them on the radio. This race is tightening, and helping now would make a huge difference.

Here are the radio pieces:

* Voices of real women
* Voices of faith
* Dr. Marvin Beuhner
* Sen. Stan Adelstein

These pieces are for other SDDIA-supported issues and candidates (not all Dems of course):

* Voter Guide
* Legislature candidates
* Jack Billion!

Spread the word about these, and their voter guide, available at
Democracy in Action is bringing the heart and soul back into South Dakota politics through informed and thoughtful political discussion and consistent citizen activism. Now they are airing some incredibly powerful new radio ads. Each of these ads include the voices of real people, using their real names, telling their real stories.

Please help Democracy in Action to expand the momentum and build the enthusiasm that is critical during these last few days.

Democracy in Action is an all volunteer coalition of South Dakota women - Democrats, Republicans and Independents. DIA is a state Political Action Committee; checks can be mailed to PO Box 123, Rapid City, SD, 57709.


  1. I hope these will air in the Sioux Falls area as well.

  2. I just listened to all of these spots and want to commend everyone who was involved with their creation and production. I sincerely hope that the messages reach their target audience and that people will, in their hearts and minds, weigh the facts and evidence presented in them and concur that the ONLY possible vote on this issue is a resounding "NO!"

  3. I use to think like that. The only answer was NO! I am 14 got pregant of the result of a date rape. He told me that it wasn't really rape. I tried ignoring it, but I couldn't. I was pregnant. Test after test all positive. I knew. I couldn't stand looking at myself. I felt shame and disgust. I wanted to get rid of the evidence that it ever happened, so I got an abortion. They don't care about you! To this day I still wonder what would of happened if I would have chose to keep my baby. Do you know what it's like to walk around knowing you killed your own child? Fetus means "YOUNG ONE" in latin....I can't go back but I can help others not make the same mistake I made. VOTE YES ON REFERRED LAW 6!!!! Please don't make the same mistake I did.