Sunday, October 29, 2006

A cross-post I could not resist

On Blogmore today, Mrs. Ellis simplified the ballot for us:
Amendment C: We don?t want you to be equal to us.

Amendment D: You should pay more property taxes because you are not equal to us.

Amendment E: We don?t want judges to say you are equal to us.

Amendment F: We don?t want you to see what we?re doing as we make sure you?re not equal to us.

Referred 2: We?re fine if you smoke. You?ll just die sooner.

Referred 3: It?s not like it matters when public school starts, our kids go to private/home schooling, because they?re better than yours.

Referred 4: You deserve to be in pain because you?re not equal to us.

Referred 5: Gov. Rounds is better than you.

Referred 6: We?re better Christians than you. Our God days so. Your God is a liar.

Referred 7: Go ahead and dream of being equal to us. You will never be, and we?re taking your money.

Let me add:

Referred 8: Big Cell Verizon is really one of us, doing battle against the unions and the blogger threat from net neutrality, so let's give them a break. (PS I wish there were an entry for Fischer Furniture on Buy Blue--know anyone who has worked for Bob? Wow.)

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