Monday, October 30, 2006

Time for a change in District 33

From this week's Letters, RC Weekly News.

I couldn't agree more.
To the editor:

Whether we live in Countryside or Cinnamon Ridge, Box Elder or Black Hawk, Nemo Road, Johnson Siding or Silver City, Lakota Homes or Sioux Addition, we residents of District 33 deserve a positive change in Pierre.

During the last session my legislators fussed more about gay marriage than they did about economic development, tax structure and veterans benefits.

They wasted time on bogus bills like intellectual diversity cooked up by a think tank called ALEC. They crafted the nation's most extreme abortion law criminalizing doctors, but failed to provide conditions that are proved to reduce abortions: better health care for mothers and babies, sex education and availability of contraceptives.

They finally discussed education the last day of the session, voting such inadequate state aid that a coalition of school districts is suing the state.

I?m tired of this record and I want a change. This time we have three moderate and well-qualified candidates who can bring us that change: 3 for 33. Vote early for Dennis Finch, Paula Long Fox and Jeff Nelson.

Donna Fisher



  1. Anonymous21:12

    Donna Fisher says it far better than I can so I'll just mention a bit about the candidates. Dennis Finch, a lawyer and former Secretary of Labor, Paula Long Fox, a counselor at North Middle School and Jeff Nelsen, an engineer with lots of varied work experience in his background are very well qualified to serve in our state legislature. Jocie Baker

  2. Anonymous17:48

    Hey, Robbinsdale Radical. I just got back from dropping Dist. 33 campaign lit out near Johnson Siding. One lady said thanks for supporting great people?she knew Paula! A man asked where folks could get DIA voters guides on ballot issues to give to friends?just go to and download!
    If everybody who believes that we need a change in Pierre turns out to vote, District 33 gets new reps and Jack Billion is a shoo in!
    Rochford Grandma