Monday, October 23, 2006

Kicking the Tires On D, and its make and model

From the RCJ letters today:

Bill Napoli says approve Amendment D and we'll fix the problems with it later. Is that like buying a car from someone who says it burns a little oil, but it runs good? If you want, you can bring it back, and we'll fix it later?

Should an amendment be submitted for approval containing what Bill calls "loopholes" or should an amendment be submitted with no "loopholes"?

Seems to me our Legislature has enough to do without knowingly adding to their workload.


Rapid City
Problem is, with an Amendment to the Constitution, it's kind of like if you don't like the car, you need to pay double what the car cost to get the "dealer" to take it back.

D is a REALLY bad idea. It basically would shift the property tax burden onto home buyers: young families and retiring or empty-nesters trying to "buy down." Result: a depressed real-estate market, a higher cost of living for those that can least afford it. Noble intentions, really bad idea.

Talk about another reason for District 35 to vote for Theresa Spry. It's time to elect a Senator who will represent the District instead of going off on statewide crusades for ideas that are proven not to work. Like Prop-13 again, but here in a state with few alternative tax options. Amendment D would do a lot of damage here. No wonder Sen. Napoli complains that no county government folks wanted to give him a hearing on his idea: it's a really bad one.

Sen. Napoli's challenger, Theresa Spry, lives in the real world, not Bill's World. She knows that shell games with property taxes are not the solution--the solution is a Senator and a Legislature willing to work to solve problems instead of merely standing up making statements. Time is long overdue for a change.

If you live in 35, please consider voting against incumbents on Nov 7. If you have always wanted to try a new make and model, this is the year. The Republicans in Pierre are re-selling the same 'ol gas guzzler with the noisy transmission. In two years you'll be out more repair bills and gas than you want to think about. Why suffer? Theresa Spry, along with Laurie Wudtke and John Buxcel, are not players in political games--they are true citizen-candidates who will work hard to represent you with everything they've got.

If you give them the chance.

The North Rapid Civic Association is holding a city-wide candidate forum this Thursday, October 26th at 6:30 pm at the library at North Middle School. Come on out and ask Sen. Napoli why he has been traveling the state pushing a law that has been proven wrong in California, instead of working to increase educational opportunities at home in District 35. Come and ask Jeff Haverly why BHSU Ellsworth campus was closed (they now meet elsewhere on the base in older much inferior facilities) and the VocTech's roof is falling in. Our reps did NOTHING to provide opportunities for residents of Rapid City, as they were too busy restricting access birth control, sex education, and comprehensive health care for women.

This is definitely the year to give some challengers a chance to do better.


  1. Anonymous19:06

    Radical, you must defend handbell ringing: (from the prairie progressive)
    October 26, 2006
    Okay, maybe we are hicks

    We in Sioux Falls tend to think we're at least somewhat cosmopolitan. But then there's those things that tend to blow our cover and establish that maybe, when you get right down to it, we still aren't all that sophisticated.

    The latest case in point? This headline on the local daily's web page today: "World-renowned handbell ringer coming to Sioux Falls."

  2. Dunno, seems like all the tax initiatives are kinda dumb this time around.

    The tobacco tax -- jack up my smokes prices and I'm more likely to buy online and avoid the tax. More money AWAY from SD

    That and the stop video lottery one. Hmmm what happens when all those tax dollars go away? What's gonna replace them?

    Not terribly polished response, but I'm writing this on the QT at work (gasp!)