Sunday, March 12, 2006

Hall Of Shame (HB1215 abortion law)

This post is for Rapid City area people.

Mad about 1215? Fight back by unseating the legislators that brought it our way... and if no one is running against them, please do so (the petition filing deadline is April 4). If I weren't a Federal employee and banned from doing so by the Hatch Act, you can bet I'd be running just to make sure someone was talking about it.

I've posted a "hall of shame" list with all the HB1215 YES votes shown in red. If you see any errors please let me know.

Also, urge Jack Billion to run against Rounds.... Mr. Billion does not want to run just on the abortion issue, but against Rounds, which is fine and good... but I hope he makes it clear that Round's HB1215 signing is another political calculation on his part and Rounds should be exposed for what a pandering operator he is! I don't see Rounds commuting any death sentences to life in prison, which he would have done long ago if he were REALLY guided by "sanctity of life" concerns and Roman Catholic teaching instead of politics.

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