Sunday, March 12, 2006

Read It Again


The so-called "pro-life" movement's arrogant rhetoric &mdash from Don LeFevre's ignorant assumptions regarding what "abortion people" do not understand, to Jean French's claims to speak for God &mdash appalls me. Who gave them the corner on the morality market? Abortion is a complex issue requiring intense soul-searching, complex thinking, and critical analysis. Seeing this as a black and white issue reflects a lazy middle-school mentality that thinks the bold print of a textbook tells the whole story.

LeFevre, French, and their cohorts don't get that "abortion people" fervently believe in the sanctity of life as well. That very few women end their pregnancies lightly. That life beyond the womb is just as worthy of protection as life within it. That caring for the poor, hungry, oppressed &mdash the countless victims of social injustices &mdash is also pro-life. That many "abortion people" work diligently and sacrificially with neglected and unwanted children &mdash children often ignored by many "pro-lifers" once they are born. Those who see the larger picture approach the subject with humility, compassion and grace.

The teachings of Christ call for compassion, mercy, and justice, and the prophets of the Old Testament do as well. Read it again, folks.

Bethany Wojahn
Rapid City

(Bethany recommends reading Sam Hurst's Sunday RCJ column.)

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