Sunday, March 12, 2006

The Children's Crusade

Here are a few pictures Just to show those that weren't there how many kids were there in the pro-1215 crowd.

I have to assume the younger kids were picked from school by their parents, and I'm sure the vast majority of the high school kids were St Thomas More kids (well, they did have a HUGE "Catholics for Life" sign they were carrying, is this an unfair conclusion on my part?) I don't believe STM has an open campus at lunchtime, do they?

This girl (maybe 12?) really broke my heart. She has been sold such a bill of goods. No-one down there on the street on either side would disagree that abortion is not a terrible tragedy. She has been taught a lie: that anyone who supports choice is a murderous monster...

That's tragic.


  1. Yikes...I posted some pictures of the Sioux Falls rally against the ban at my Flickr page - I forgot my digital camera so they're crappy camera phone shots, but still. (I put the link to the Flickr set under "your web page")

    The counterprotestors at the Sioux Falls rally weren't much of an issue.

  2. Anonymous12:36

    Simply hideous. Children among the Koolaid drinkers of the Sanctimonious Right. Nothing like exploiting children to make such an ugly statement to uphold the legislature's Rapists' Rights Law.

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  4. Conner00:59

    Hum, looks like all the children are on the pro-life side. Those adults have more children, more responsibility, and more pain in seeing people who are so misled. Quite interesting how one side has children and parents, and the other are so alone? adults who prefer to end their children?s life?s before they are born?. less children, less love, less compassion. Would you let your decision to end pregnancy ensue if you could have known your child like you do today? a glimpse into the future if you will. My child. NEVER

  5. It's unfair to assume anyone that is pro-choice or even anti-1215 has no respect for the life of the fetus. I just believe that making birth control more available, providing more government and church support to young children and moms, and sex education are more effective and compassionate ways to prevent abortions than sending doctors to jail.