Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Success for Radical Picks!

Looks like Republican David Lust has will continue to the general election - and Bonny Petersen will serve on City Council -- IF she prevails in the run-off election (go Bonny go!) And Jeff Nelsen will be on our School Board -- welcome Jeff and thanks Daphne for your great work -- I hope this opens the door for you to contribute your gifts to our community in new ways!

And I managed to get Ruth's vote in today -- and along the way pick up some St. Pierre petition sigs (25 or so) -- it looks like Thune just may have to have is name in the ballot in the fall.

More later.

Rock on!


  1. I am so STOKED about Bonny! She will make an excellent councilperson!

  2. Me too.

    But I just have to get this off my chest right now: Thank you so much for all your excellent work on City Council. You have contributed so much.... THANK YOU PATTI - YOU ROCK!!!!