Saturday, June 5, 2010

Family Matters Liars

From a super-size postcard mailing seen around the State this weekend from "SD Family Matters PAC" -- that is, 26-year-old David Astin of Hermosa:

Okay. Check out Mr Astin's #2 footnote above, which refers the reader to -- here's what we read there:

To help support or oppose ballot propositions according to the goals and objectives of LGBT South Dakotans as determined by Equality South Dakota (EqSD).
- Add sexual orientation & gender identity to existing non-discrimination clauses.
- Continue working for rights associated with civil unions.
- Reach out to open and affirming faith communities.
- Support and elect LGBT/Allied officials.

A little less scary before they warped it, don't you think?

This is the very definition of smear. Take something true and positive and distort it into something false and ugly.

Don't be fooled, South Dakota. Mr. Astin and his friends are against personal liberty, they want to control what we see, what we do, and how we live.

Not South Dakota values, in my view.


and what's up with the photoshopped-in yarmulkes on the front of the postcard?



  1. Why are the "family values" crowd the biggest liars? They can keep their "values" away from my child.

  2. They are so unquestioning in their beliefs they never question if the ends justify the means.

  3. Anonymous10:01

    Ever think for a moment, that maybe if you want equality, maybe the liberals should join the conservatives? Then they would be equal....think about it a moment.
    Likewise, think about politicial correctness. Doesn't that sound a lot like censorship? You can't speak your mind, always told that that isn't the same time, hatespeech by gays, lesbians or feminists is promoted and encouraged...or hate letters by Curtis Pride.

  4. This seems appropriate:

  5. Can I share two personal comments? I've read your posts, and you're really not that radical. You seem quite reasonable. Secondly, your eyeball kind of freaks me out. If you're looking for a bit of anonymity, how about using a profile shot?

  6. John,

    1. The "radical" thing is a bit of irony. Funny thing is it seems many folk west of the wide Missouri don't get the joke. Why is that?

    2. I zoomed my picture out a little bit - you're right, the eyeball shot was indeed a little creepy. Sorry about that.